Is it Possible to Diagnose a Concussion with a Blood Test?

In the year 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a US-based organisation, announced that it allows the use of blood tests for aiding in the evaluation of concussions. The aim behind such an announcement was to allow the doctors to take help of the blood test results and evaluate if a CT scan is required of a patient suffering due to concussion. The blood test will be used to detect specific concussion associated proteins available in the blood, which will assist in deciding to go for the medical imaging procedures.

However, scientists have noted that the answer to the burning question is not a yes or no. simply put, blood tests alone cannot diagnose concussions, they just decide if a medical imaging is necessary or not. The next step, however, is crucial as CT scans will help in viewing from a perspective which will help in solving the matter. Therefore, this cannot be technically called a breakthrough as the traditional methods of evaluation concussions are not yet discarded.

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