Tips to Avoid Knee Injuries While Skiing

Skiing in the winters also gives rise to the possibility of the sport related injuries. MCL and ACL tears are some of the most common ski related injuries. The mishaps occur during skiing in the following scenarios:

  • The knee is directly hit from a fall or a concussion
  • The lower leg is thrown outward while the person is going downhill
  • Incorrect landing of a jump, due to misplacement of the body weight coupled with bad timing
  • Pointing the skis inward to stop or turn

The following tips will help you in avoiding injuries while enjoying the sport:

  • Prepare your body weeks before going to ski. Exercise and eat properly to become fit enough for skiing.
  • Warm up before skiing. This will help in getting into the right mindset and will reignite your muscles.
  • Use proper equipment, purchased from a dependable store and of a trustworthy brand
  • Practice the proper forms while skiing
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